If we were doing so well in the US with healthcare, would we see RAM (Remote Area Medical Affiliates)image growing?  I don’t think so but if nothing else this is yet one more reminder of the failure of the US Healthcare system.  Sadly the US owns this one with third world clinics in a First World Country.  The movie trailer was released in June of this year.   Here’s the official trailer.

I was looking at the RAM website to see what was on the schedule and there’s many events coming up to include Texas, Tennessee, Buena Vista, Indio (RAM California) Virginia, and more.  In addition the Red Cross has also put out a call to RAM to help with mobilizing healthcare professionals.  You can find out more on how to donate and volunteer here. 

Boy the website for Remote Area Medical has certainly grown as well as the services they provide and lots of information.  There are community host groups that work with RAM to provide a free RAM clinic event in their communities.  Additional information and applications can be found here as the community also has it’s own website.   The documentary tracks one of the remote clinics set up at the Bristol Motor Speedway for 3 days.  The premiere is free for the general public but I can almost bet they may run out of room to accommodate all. 

Remote Area Medical–The Documentary

Here’s another message from Democratic Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia, stating the need to expand Medicaid as he visits a RAM clinic.  He volunteers his time at the Clinic.   This is a great time for the documentary to be released as a wake up call for all. 

Senator Tim Kaine At RAM Clinic in 2013 In Virginia

Here’s another video from Kentucky with a State Senator donating his time to the clinic from earlier this year..

Greenup Kentucky Clinic

Here’s yet one more video as this shows how the clinics are set up and the work involved…people waiting in the rain with some interviews with those waiting to get care as well as Stan Brock.  This was expedition number 661 in the Los Angeles area.  This clinic took place in 2012.  You get an idea of what kind of people volunteer here, retired federal investigators for one.  This video is fairly long, 30 minutes and actually gets into a lot of detail on how the clinics work and their systems.  You can even go back to 2009 to find Dr. Oz spending some time at the free clinics. 

Ram Set Up and Interviews…

Remote Area Medical receives no federal funds and is all donation supported.

When the documentary is available for all to see, I’ll have it posted here. Also if you want to see how out of touch folks are in this country about healthcare listen to non other than Larry Summers who thinks all the issues with the website are just entertainment for all of us with no concept on the real struggle in the US.  Thank goodness he pulled out of the race for the Fed.  BD

And Now For A Word About Healthcare From Larry Summers, “The Stuff About The Web Site Is Very Exciting Theater For All of You”…

RAM Affiliates are local groups of concerned and compassionate community members who partner with the RAM Foundation
to advance our shared mission in their community.
RAM Affiliates are a local presence of RAM®,
connected to a national network of the RAM Community
through RAM Headquarters.

To become an Affiliate, you must first become
a successful Community Host Group (CHG).  
A CHG interested in continuing the RAM® mission

in their local area may contact RAM Headquarters
to learn more about becoming a RAM Affiliate.


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