There could be other issues discussed here as well but with the changes made by the imageWhite House I’m sure they want to know about what type of math models will be used by the insurer quants to encompass risk factors, which lies heavily on how the rates will be maintained, raised, etc.  If you read here often enough then you have been exposed to the reality of “math models” and how they exist in business and with banking.  I’ll keep this short here as yesterday I already did a somewhat lengthy post after the President made his speech. 

President Obama Extends Current Insurance Policies For A Year With Stipulations As Goes With The Continuous Rise and Fall of The Machines In Healthcare Just Like The Markets…And How Will Insurers Implement This Model?

If you are not familiar with business math modeling just scroll on down to the footer here and watch the Quants of Wall Street video to get a good idea as insurers also use armies of Quants for their QE activities which relates directly to policy prices or you can go here to see my original post as it was part of my series of posts about “The Attack of the Killer Algorithms” with everyday analytics and algorithms denying access or supplying flawed data that hurts consumers for the most part.  If you want more then there’s my Algo Duping page with even more videos that help educate on how math models are used in both the financial industry and healthcare.  Just like the markets, it’s the continuous rise and fall of the machines with health insurance today.  BD

Obamacare: The Continuous Rise and Fall Of The Machines With Complex Insurance Math Models Resulting In Spasmodic, Executing “Killer Algorithms”–And Gov Can’t Model…

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama was due to meet health insurance chief executives on Friday, a day after insurers expressed concerns about his plan to help Americans who are losing their coverage because of his healthcare overhaul.

Obama, facing the biggest crisis of his presidency, unveiled a plan on Thursday which would allow insurers to extend by at least one year policies due to be canceled because they do not comply with new minimum requirements under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare.


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