This is a nice speech to which Larry Ellison talks about Steve Jobs and the walks they had together. image Taking control of Apple was one of their talks to which Larry said we will buy it but Steve Jobs had different ideas.  The story is quite amusing as he states Steve Jobs told him he didn’t need any more money:)  Larry said he learned about high moral grounds from Steve Jobs.  At the beginning of the video there’s a bit of history on how the company was started. 

Funny to listen about his trips to Hawaii with Steve Jobs and his wife, “who ever I was dating or married to came along” and it gets a nice chuckle and he also talks about the laughter from Steve Jobs off in his own little world at times and one of the things he really misses.  At the end we hear from the San Francisco Giants and their new ball park and how they were building it, Oracle was right in there to help financially so he gets a World Series Player’s honorary ring.  BD 

Business Hall of Fame Honoree Larry Ellison

Again both are very deserving for sure.  Larry Ellison as the video states is on top of his business, he’s the Oracle engineer as you can hear from the video. 

Here’s a couple other interviews from Larry Ellison that I have blogged, both are very different and informative.  With Charlie Rose he gives his opinions on some current events. 

Larry Ellison Talks With Charlie Rose About Google, Privacy, the NSA and More, Reiterates That You Need To Worry More About What Data Private Industry Collects and Uses And Less About the Government

I think one of his best was an “Unwired” type of interview with Kara Swisher from All Things Digital as we really got to see some humorous sides there.

Larry Ellison The Full and Uncut Interview At the All Things Digital Conference–The Good Stuff - How Larry Thinks and and Works – “Men Who Know Code”

In addition Mr. Ellison got a nice award from the NIH not too long ago and he’s also part of the “Giving Pledge” which is run by Gates Foundation. 

Larry Ellison Announced As Distinguished Medical Informatics Awardee for His Contributions to Health IT and the Ellison Foundation From the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (NIH)

Below is a another interview with specific questions posed and it kind of adds a bit more information about Larry himself and how he thinks.  I’ll tell you when he needs a brain drain to regroup, well I’m sure it’s major and the Oracle America’s cup is probably just that.  Larry can write code…that’s one area that separates him from the figurehead CEOs and it’s his company too.  I’m sure these days his architects are doing the work but the mechanics in the brain are there as that’s what gives him “the logic”. 

Relational algebra is the basis of Oracle’s products. IBM early 70s jumped on their product line.  Ellison says the job is to build better products for the markets.  He also said they hit a wall at one point when Oracle became a billion dollar company and in 1990 had to change management team, painful but needed new skill sets…most difficult was having to fire people, didn’t like it. BD

How Larry Ellison Thinks…and What Influences Him..


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