To help sign consumers up in coordination with the Affordable Care Act, Kaiser retail stores areimage appearing in northern California and one in Oregon.  Malls with a lot of foot traffic is where you find them.  Below is a listing of where they are in California, so far just in the northern portion of the state.

Kaiser has hired about 40 navigators for the program which will be open for a year at least.  Consumers can enroll in both Kaiser and non-Kaiser plans offered through the exchange. 

In addition there’s the mobile vehicle van which travels around that will have secure internet connections and private rooms where consumers can enroll.  The stores have IPads and personal computers to use for privacy when applying for credits and subsidies.  So far over 8000 people chose Kaiser for their health insurance plan.  BD 

In a row of storefronts between Fuddruckers and Wal-Mart on McHenry Avenue, a major insurer is selling a government-mandated product that’s created quite a buzz this fall.













Kaiser Permanente chose the North Point Landing shopping center in north Modesto for one of its Shop KP stores, billed as a new way for consumers to shop for medical coverage.

The Shop KP store has iPads and personal computers mounted on tables, where staff members help customers look for plans on the Covered California health exchange or directly from Kaiser. Those who wish to start the enrollment process, or apply for tax credits to lower premiums, can sit down with staff in private cubicles.


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