I am so glad he took his name out of the running.  “We have bent the curve on healthcare”, well yeah because people can’t afford to go.  He says it means much fewer burden on companies with the cost going down.  All he sees is GDP and not humans it seems.  He has no clue at all about the website and further shows to me anyway, he doesn’t get it at all.  If you go over to the Algo Duping page, one of the videos is called “The Warning” and watch it when you have time as it really kind of indicates to me that Bob Rubin and his knowledge of bank models really “duped” aka Algo Duped both Summers and Greenspan right in. 

Where are the higher wages he’s talking about?  I don’t see them and see just the opposite in the news.  He states the framework in the country has let some positive things happen to the economy but sadly not enough positive for the humans.  He says the negativism just isn’t right?  I don’t what Larry has been smoking but this video says it all.  Why do the news agencies keep seeking him out is my question.  If everything is so grand, why do we have the Occupy Group working hard to buy medical debt to the tune of $15 millions to relive over 2600 people who were stuck and couldn’t get out from under it?  Now that’s a post worth reading!  Larry seems to live in fantasy land versus the real world. 

Occupy Wall Street Group, “Strike Debt” Buys $15 Million of America’s Medical Debt

This is the real story…it is the continuous rise and fall of the machines, just like the markets.  All formulas run by insurers is what Obamacare was built around and they change all the time.  Insurance companies are hiring armies of quants like you can’t believe, just look at the classified. 

Obamacare: The Continuous Rise and Fall Of The Machines With Complex Insurance Math Models Resulting In Spasmodic, Executing “Killer Algorithms”–And Gov Can’t Model…

So yes it is the spasmodic algorithms for profit that keep changing and keep everyone jumping.  Steve Forbes put out a tweet today asking well why are the stocks of the insurers still good if this is such a problem.  Well the answer is revenue streams are coming from other areas.  Look at United for one example with a revenue total of $30 Billion for the last quarter and almost $10 billion came from their non insurance entities?  There you go, action is all happening in the subsidiaries all 15 pages of them listed at the SEC.




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