This might be of interest if you want to learn about the certification process of Personal Health Records, also known as a PHR.  Medical record software used by physicians and hospitals have gone through the process for a number of years, in other words a committee to certify that the software one is purchasing will have the capabilities and options as advertised.

There are both free and personal health records that you pay for.  In my travels, it is amazing to me in the fact that even medical practices are not familiar with Personal Health Records.  I publish a lot of information in that respect on this blog, so you can do a search to find out more, and there are permanent links to both Google Health and the Microsoft HealthVault on this page as well.image 

The one large benefit coming to a PHR is the efforts of having most of the information pre-populated for the patient, as none of us have time today to sit down and create a record, much less have the accuracy of files that are imported into the file.

Personal Health Records will also have the ability to exchange data with those records kept by a physician, lab, etc.  Recently in the news Kaiser and Microsoft have entered into an agreement to have the medical records imported to the Microsoft HealthVault.  The vendor list for both Microsoft and Google Health is growing as more and more vendors are coming online.  The HealthVault recently signed on a new vendor that will enable consumers to opt in if they are interested in participating in clinical trials, so this makes it easy for the consumer to be alerted to any potential trials they might be interested in without a long time consuming search of the internet.  The certification process for the consumer side of healthcare software is just in the beginning phase.  BD 

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology will launch a new Web site and blog on Sept 29 focused on issues involved in personal health records.  CCHIT will host a “town hall” teleconference on Oct. 10 to enable consumers and consumer representatives to gain a better understanding of PHR certification and how they can get involved. To participate in the meeting, to be held at 3 p.m. Central, call 1-877-313-5342 and use ID number 65204557.

CCHIT Offers PHR Web Site, Blog


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