We talk about being the “informed patient” today and this includes being on the look out for those who are not offering credentialed and approved treatments for cancer.  Just last week there was another arrest of a doctor on similar charges. 

What is also interesting on this story is the mention of a “heat machine” to reduce a tumor.  I have posted quite a few stories here on this blog about imagethe FDA cracking down on devices that are not approved and could turn out to be a hoax such as this one.

Medical Scam targets the Desperate - The EPFX ...

With technology there are many breakthrough technologies coming into play today and I think now with some of the devices that are somewhat resemblance of Star Wars that are approved if you are not up to date on your reading, could lead to confusion with devices that are not approved and could lead to improper treatment and death.  Here’s a pill monitoring device that somewhat reminds one of Star Wars technology, but devices like this one are out there and backed by insurance companies.

The Pill Bottle That Talks To Your Cell Phone, Creates Data Reports and More…

Read up as much as you can and there’s a lot of device information here at this blog, just do a search and use other sites as well to find the information you need.  This doctor was even on television promoting her stated cancer cure, so again, do your homework.  BD 

LOS ANGELES -- Prosecutors brought fraud charges Thursday against a doctor accused of promising terminally ill cancer patients in their darkest hours that they would be cured with an herbal treatment.

Using her influence as an ordained Pentecostal minister, Dr. Christine Daniel tapped into the vessel of faith to entice people from across the nation to try her regimen. She even appeared on cable's Trinity Broadcasting Network in 2002 touting her cancer cure and its 60 percent success rate, according to federal investigators.

Authorities arrested Daniel, 55, at her San Fernando Valley home Thursday and charged her with two counts each of wire and mail fraud. If convicted, she faces up to 80 years in prison,

Other patients traveled to California and stayed at local motels while they were being treated, court documents show.

Prosecutors said Daniel even fleeced other clergy. In late 2003, George McKinney, who founded St. Stephen's Cathedral Church of God in Christ in San Diego, agreed to have his wife, Jean, treated by Daniel. The couple moved into their son's home in Los Angeles, and Jean McKinney took an herbal mixture three to four times a day for her terminal colon cancer.

Daniel also used a heat machine that was supposed to reduce the tumor, authorities said. The couple paid Daniel more than $100,000. Jean McKinney died in June 2004.



  1. How many of these young patients have refused evaluation for transplant to continue receiving their monthly checks from the government in perpetuity?? There needs to be some kind of policy enforcing a timetable.
    Bill Clinton sucessfully placed limits upon welfare benefits during his administration. The same needs to be done with potential transplant recipients.


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