This video was made by the folks over at Microsoft Channel 9 back in 2006 and it is entertaining as well as educational with a scenario of a group of hackers that break imageinto the system of the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.  Granted since this video was made security upgrades have been numerous and many, but the SQL Injection method of breaking in is still being used.  One very good point made here with the discussion in the video is when they talk about developers and adding all kinds of new features and a little bit about the egos of developers.  Those egos do exist and with today’s viral healthcare marketing, it’s exploited even more.

Unfortunately from the security side, sometimes holes and flaws are left open, like not encrypting log on names and passwords and I am reading today about the fact that this is still happening so when you think back to this video being made in 2006, have we focused enough on security when we keep hearing about the breaches we have today?  We sure keep hearing about imagenew features and connectivity, but is the job done with security efforts before a release?  This video might make you wonder as sometimes software vendors are so excited and anxious to sell new capabilities that the security side may end up getting a quick brush over instead of a fully integrated solution, again in the race to sell and bring in profits faster.  You will need Silverlight in your browser to watch and a notice to download should appear should you not be able to view, enjoy as it’s a good plot and good story!   Be patient as it takes a few moments to load and you may need to click the start arrow a second time. 

We all want improved functionality and are promoting developers today but we should be promoting the security team too.  You can read more at the link below about the trouble NASDAQ got into with hackers and how they had to rebuild the server and this is one reason why the SEC budget needs all the funds they can get to monitor. 

Healthcare Industry Is Not Alone with Hackers, NASDAQ Has Intruders Using Algorithms to Break In-FBI Investigation

It's very much algorithmic warfare, with no real thought given to collateral damage.

As a matter of fact even lawyers and security professionals are lobbying some of the not to in tune members of Congress to ensure that the SEC is funded to be able to protect us as consumers.  BD

Prominent Lawyers and Security Professionals Lobbying Government to Increase the Budget for the SEC-This Is A Big Deal and Way Beyond Just a Discussion

In this episode of The Code Room a small group of rogue hackers finds its way into the systems for High Roller Player's Club at the famous Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. When the Casino finds out they call in the "A Team" to get to the bottom of this. Watch the games as the Black Hats go for high stakes against the White Hats and the games unfold in this episode

Episode 3 | The Code Room | Channel 9


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