As in most industries, virtual meetings and web meetings are starting to make a large showing on the Internet.  When you stop and think about the price of fuel alone, this makes sense. Granted, I have done both and there really is no replacement for actually imagebeing there in real life to fulfill the full learning experience, but as things get tighter and fuel and other accommodations continue to rise, what’s the alternative?  We all know we are exposed to recycles diseases on board aircraft every time we fly as well.  Forbes

also addressed the same in a related article.  Products such as Microsoft Live Meeting are now becoming more popular.  And there are products such as Microsoft Round Table that make the experience even more life like. BD 

FRIDAY, June 27 (HealthDay News) -- Anyone who has arrived at Chicago O'Hare, Orlando or Dallas airports during one of the dozens of huge medical meetings held every year will no doubt encounter tens of thousands of specialists from all over world

thronging the hallways, the Starbucks, the luggage claim area.

Of course, the attendees use jet fuel to get to the meeting and gas to get from the airport to the hotel where, once they're checked in, they'll have the option or reusing or not reusing their towels.

Are Medical Meetings Environmentally Unfriendly? -


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