Employers are already faced with insurance burdens and now there is a recommendation for stock piling Tamiflu.  300 businesses have already purchased varying amounts of the vaccine.  I am guessing this is directed towards big business as small and medium size businesses are already on the brink with benefit related expenses, so now add on something new.  BD  

Fears of bird flu are receding and sales of the anti-flu drug imageTamiflu have slumped. Now its maker is offering a deal to U.S. employers: Pay an annual fee and reserve enough to protect every worker if a new super-flu strikes. The plan announced Thursday comes as the federal government also begins an effort to encourage businesses to stockpile anti-flu drugs in case of a pandemic. Those private stockpiles would supplement a national stockpile that contains enough doses to treat only a fraction of the population.

Employers urged to reserve drug in case of super-flu / Stockpiles of Tamiflu would supplement government's stash

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