Holy crap, is this what could be discussed in the next job interview?  This is just a short excerpt, so read the entire opinion piece at the link below.  This is an interviewer and imageinterview candidate in discussion…the Dorito or the unsalted cracker may make the difference on whether or not the candidate gets the job and the employer is more  engrossed with the potential insurance coverage than the overall skills of the candidate in this mock interview, in other words what is the financial exposure to the employee seems to raise to the top of the concerns, scary, yes, but even if they don’t say it, is it kicking around in the back of their heads? Is is skills or exposure today that counts?  BD 

“According to the National Coalition on Health Care, America spent $2.3 trillion on care in 2007 — a whopping 16 percent of our gross domestic product. Surely some clear-headed reforms could simplify our system, reduce costs and still cover the uninsured.”

“It can?”

“But as an employer who buys private health insurance for my employees, I can’t control much of that. But I can reduce my premiums by controlling what my employees eat, drink and do.”

“You can do that?”

“According to the San Francisco Chronicle, one employer not only required his employees to stop smoking, he demanded it of their spouses, too. He enforced his ban through random testing. Employees caught smoking get canned.”

“But what does all of this have to do with me?”

“As your employer, I have every legal right to ask you to authorize access to your medical records. You will eat a healthful diet and forsake bad habits that will add to our premiums.”

“Well, sir, are you offering me this job or not?”

“That depends. If you had to choose between an unsalted cracker and a Doritos chip, which would it be?”



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