This is directed at consumer services, so the issue here is to have a physician prescribed request to facilitate the test.  The state of California requires labs to be licensed as well.  BD 

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – The California Department of Public Health has released the names of the 13 genetic testing companies that it has told to stop offering services in California, including several consumer genomics companies and other direct-to-consumer firms offering tests for particular conditions.

Companies that have already confirmed that they have received letters include 23andMe, DNATraits, Navigenics, and DeCode Genetics. Other firms that have received the letters include Knome, which offers full genome scans at a pricey $350,000 a shot, and HairDx, which offers a genetic test to predict baldness…Another company told to stop selling its services to Californians is Gene Essence…Also included among the 13 firms are CGC Genetics, Salugen, Sciona, Smart Genetics, and Suracell.


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