This is the second Webcast from Helix Health and will address Warfarin treatments and dosage as relates to genomics.  Thanks to ScienceRoll for the update.  BD 

Now they will focus on warfarin dosing. According to the American Food imageand Drug Administration, health care providers can use genetic tests to improve their initial estimate of what is a reasonable dose for patients.

  1. Why genetic testing is a necessary feature  in anticoagulant therapy.
  2. What potential risks exist in “Trial and Error” Dosing
  3. Will insurance cover this genetic testing?
  4. What are potential tort issues in predictive genetic testing and medical uses of genetic tests associated with anticoagulant therapy?
  5. Why aren’t physicians utilizing FDA approved testing and dosage guidance?

Genomic Medicine and Warfarin Dosing: Webcast « ScienceRoll

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