If this project proves to be successful, then watch out for Google Health and the Microsoft Vault who will want to integrate, which would be a good thing and added availability to share.  The project will last for 12 months.  CMS is activity encouraging the use of PHRs to hopefully get more involved in their own healthcare.  

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is seeking Medicare beneficiaries in South Carolina to participate in a pilot program to assess the benefits of using personal health records. Medicare will populate the PHRs with claims data, such as medical conditions, hospitalizations and doctor visits.

Medicare also will input medications histories in the PHRs following publication on May 28 of a final rule authorizing the collection of claims data under the Medicare Part D drug benefit program.

“We note that because this final rule applies to all Part D sponsors, it applies to any entity offering a Part D plan, including both prescription drug plan sponsors and Medicare Advantage organizations offering prescription drug coverage,” according to the rule. Beneficiaries will be encouraged to enter additional information and share the data with providers.


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