New concept in training younger medical students with video simulation.  When you stop and think about it, this generation has grown with video games, etc and now this study is taking it to the next level to see if simulation is a technique that should be added to the study curriculum.  Ohio state is also jumping out front with taking the lead on personalized medicine.   The video training is slated to begin at hospitals around the country to see who does better, simulation or conventional.  BD 

The first generation of kids who grew up playing video games aren't kids anymore. Today, they're the backbone of the American workforce, and all that time playing games as kids, may be helping them now as adults. In fact, researchers hope to imageuse computer animation to not only help train the next generation of surgeons, but to see how good they can really be.

In order to give young doctors a feel for what it's like, Doctor Weit is training surgeons with a state of the art program developed with Ohio Super Computer Center that can do everything from mimic the movement of the drill to the density of the bone. Virtual patients can even bleed. It can give students life-like demonstrations before even turning over the knife.

Training Surgeons From The Video Game Generation - Study To See If Using Computer Animation Can Make Young Surgeons Better


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