Some of the allegations include hiding their illegal scheme from insurance companies, and of being one of the bank signatories for multiple bank accounts used in the fraud. The accountant is accused of failing to report more than $6 million over a 3-year period by failing to file tax returns and filing false tax returns.  This started back in 2003, but with all data and reporting connected these days, the old scheme of keeping 2 separate sets of books is no longer an option as queries and other data techniques can usually find discrepancies very easily.  Insurance is high enough without incidents like this contributing.  BD 

SANTA ANA - The California Department of Insurance and the Orange County District Attorney's Office (OCDA) announced today the unsealing of criminal grand jury indictments in the largest medical fraud prosecution in the nation, charging the final two defendants for their role in the Unity Outpatient Surgery Center (Unity) scheme, in which $154 million was fraudulently billed to medical insurance companies. The Orange County Grand Jury dedicated 28 days to examining 1,054 exhibits and hearing testimony from 56 witnesses, resulting in the 70-page indictment of two previously uncharged defendants, an attorney and an accountant. The Grand Jury also indicted 11 previously charged defendants, who were also consolidated into the indictment, including three doctors. The Franchise Tax Board under the Supervision of the State Controller provided substantial assistance in this investigation.

"The attorney and the accountant are the arteries that pumped the blood into the different appendages of the criminal body called Unity. We believe it is appropriate to end the charging phase of the case with these two defendants," said Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.  "The $154 million fraud committed by operating on thousands of so-called patients is the equivalent to taking $50 from the pockets of every resident in Orange County." 

OC Attorney and Accountant Indicted in Nation's Largest Medical Insurance Fraud Case - OC BLOG, Part of the Red County Network


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