They are in recess until after the 4th of July so perhaps some action could be taken after the holiday that could be retro-active.  The ones that will benefit will be the insurers, who are busy opening up offices in China. BD 

WASHINGTON — Doctors face a 10 percent cut in Medicare payments next week, following the Senate’s failure on Thursday to take up legislation that would have averted the cuts.

Republican senators blocked efforts by Democrats to call up the bill, which was approved Tuesday in the House by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 355 to 59.  In the Senate, supporters fell two votes short of the 60 needed to close debate. The vote was 58 to 40.  Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the Democratic whip, said: “Who supports this bill? Doctors, consumer groups, pharmacists, hospitals. Who opposes this bill? The health insurance industry and the White House.”

President Bush had threatened to veto the bill, in part because it would reduce federal payments to private Medicare Advantage plans, offered by insurers like Humana, UnitedHealth and Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.


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