For the most part, small to medium sized businesses are too busy working on their own profit levels, so how much attention can an employer devote to the issue? It’s a matter of too many issues on the platter these days and many just take the easy opt and and either stop offering insurance or scale down to a minimal plan, whereby an outsourced agency might be used, and once again if there’s enough money in the budget to cover. You can’t worry about over weight employees if you don’t have a business to run. BD  image

Obese people tend to miss work more often and tend to be less mobile on the job than their thinner counterparts. Obesity is also a more powerful trigger for chronic health problems than either smoking or heavy drinking, according to research by Roland Sturm, a senior economist at the RAND Corporation.

And it is increasingly being treated as a disease in its own right, with therapy, bariatric surgery and drugs, all of which propel insurance costs higher.

But here is where the situation becomes confusing. Corporate leaders often speak out on issues that cost them tens of billions of dollars annually. Numerous executives have called for a plan for providing health insurance to the uninsured, for example. So why aren’t they making more noise about obesity?


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