No time wasted here, patent expired yesterday, orders shipping today.  Also J and J will release their own generic as well, (can’t beat them – join them) so 2 generic versions ready to go.  Teva has an exclusive for a few months before others can join in to manufacture and sell.  BD 

Patients looking to save on antipsychotics have a new option. The patent protecting image Johnson & Johnson’s blockbuster Risperdal expired yesterday, and today the FDA said it granted approval to Teva Pharmaceuticals to market the first generic version.  The end of J&J’s own monopoly could pack a punch. Risperdal brought more than $2 billion in U.S. sales last year. Meanwhile, Invega, another J&J antipsychotic that many doctors believe is simply a me-too drug, so far hasn’t been a big seller.


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