imageThe new integrated process is for the retrieval of medical records, I’m guessing those that still need to be printed on paper so the packages can be tracked as well as those digitized for download.   Clients will be able to know exactly when payment or authorization was delivered to a provider.  You can also use Twitter now to follow your packages as well, see the related story here.  Just like you can follow someone on Twitter, follow your prescription packages.  BD 

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In order to continue increasing the speed and efficiency of medical record retrieval, MediConnect Global, Inc. ( today announced it has integrated a FedEx® Web integrated solution in its patented medical record retrieval process—new functionality that will not only allow instant ordering of FedEx pickup or delivery, but also provide continuous FedEx tracking updates directly to clients through MediConnect’s RapidRetrieve™ Web-based system for ordering, imagetracking, and receiving patient medical records.

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