The study was announced on June 28th in Los Angeles.  The FDA has approved the study.  500 local potential donors who are 50 years old or younger and in good health will be recruited. “100 volunteers with high cancer-killing activity will be asked to donate image white blood cells for the study.  Cell recipients will include 22 cancer patients who have  solid tumors that either didn't respond originally, or no longer respond, to conventional therapies.”..The cost is $100,000 per patient.  It states insurance may cover, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  The treatment is done on an outpatient basis for 3-4 days.  It may take up to 3 donors for each study participant.  The key element here is that the donors are being selected based on the cancer killing ability of their white blood cells.  image

Visit the website for additional information.  You can also contribute money to the foundation on the site as well.  BD

ScienceDaily (June 30, 2008) — Scientists at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center are about to embark on a human trial to test whether a new cancer treatment will be as effective at eradicating cancer in humans as it has proven to be in mice.

The treatment will involve transfusing specific white blood cells, called granulocytes, from select donors, into patients with advanced forms of cancer. A similar treatment using white blood cells from cancer-resistant mice has previously been highly successful, curing 100 percent of lab mice afflicted with advanced malignancies.

The team has tested human cancer-fighting cells from healthy donors against human cervical, prostate and breast cancer cells in the laboratory -- with surprisingly good results. The scientists say the anti-tumor response primarily involves granulocytes of the innate immune system, a system known for fighting off infections.


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