Somebody had to step up the plate here, so the deadline is extended to July 15th now.  In a related story:  from the Center for Medicare Advocacy

“One day after the Government Accountability Office reported that private Medicare Advantage plans made $1.14 billion more in profits than they had projected, Senate Republicans used the excuse of protecting these plans to defeat Medicare legislation that would prevent a pay cut for doctors from going into effect and that would add more assistance for low-income older people and people with disabilities.”

More here from the American College of Physicians….

GruntDoc states both Texas Senators chose to screw the docs…

The Texas Medical Association Backs off support for Cornyn

By the end of the day, the association's political committee, image TEXPAC, had withdrawn its backing of Cornyn, saying its board was "outraged."….But the Senator states here that Democrats chose political games over protecting Medicare…

Kevin, MD has a You Tube Video on Big Bad John….

Earlier the AMA spoke out….Congressional confidence at an all time low….

Read some reactions of how some physicians feel about this…and they are not happy…from EMR Update….”We plan to pull the plug on our Medicare participation”…”Many may join me in closing the office to new patients”…and so on, it’s about patient access as well…BD 

The House of Representatives clearly did their part….

U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey, MD (R-GA) is pleased to announce that despite the Senate's failure to pass House-approved legislation to prevent a 10.6% cut to physicians' Medicare reimbursement, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will effectively delay the scheduled cuts until at least July 15th - giving Congress time to address these cuts after the July 4th recess.

Earlier this week, Congressman Gingrey voted for a bill to prevent the automatic 10.6% cut to physician reimbursement which passed the House. Though the legislation failed in the Senate, the Democratic leadership chose to adjourn the House of Representatives for the Fourth of July recess with no announced plans to reconvene. In response to inaction by Congress, CMS announced it will instruct contractors to not process any physician and non-physician practitioner claims for the first 10 business days of July, in accordance with existing law. This delay should give Congress additional time to enact legislation to prevent these cuts on a more permanent basis.

Congressman Phil Gingrey Announces Temporary Halt To Medicare Reimbursement Cuts


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