There are 60 pages of the report to read and they are accepting comments.  Amazing it has taken this long for this to work it’s way to the forefront. This has been a rub even for those physicians who have embraced e-Prescribing.  If you are not set up yet, there’s a image permanent link on this page to enroll with NEPSI for free e-Prescribing for any physician to begin.  If you are already using and EHR, that capability is more than likely already built in to the system.  BD 

The Drug Enforcement Administration in the Department of Justice on June 27 published a proposed rule to permit electronic prescribing of controlled substances. These are drugs that have the potential for abuse or dependence, including opiates, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and anabolic steroids. The DEA believes these drugs account for 10% to 11% of all prescriptions; industry estimates range up to 20%.

DEA published the 60-page proposed rule in the Federal Register and will accept comments through Sept. 25. Full text is available at

DEA Publishes Controlled Rx Rule


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