Joint drug therapies, are they worth the research funding?  In this case it appears not to be the case.  With more stringent policies coming in to place at the FDA, there’s a imagebigger magnifying glass in place with approvals, why, because there’s more information to evaluate today, where as in the past clinical trials were the guiding  light, bimage ut all of this is about to change shortly.  There’s many elements yet that need to come together in each area of treatment, including medical devices and combinations there of.   I guess at this point we won’t be seeing any combination research for a potential Viagra and Cialis combination at any time soon, so I’ll reserve any additional comments on this somewhat humorous last statement for now, but who knows what might appear in the news next week, but combination drugs have not been the favored choice thus far.  BD 

Merck and Schering-Plough have withdrawn their NDA for a pill combining Claritin and Singulair and are breaking up their respiratory collaboration, which has been in place since 2000. The goal of the joint venture was to develop and market a product made from the two blockbusters. Merck and Schering-Plough stressed, however, that this action has no impact on the their cholesterol collaboration, which has been put under stress due to the Vytorin brouhaha. As a result of the termination of the respiratory joint venture, Schering-Plough expects to receive payments totaling $105 million from Merck.

Merck, Schering-Plough end respiratory collaboration - FierceBiotech

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