What is the fate here?  Will all the bills floating around it gets a bit confusing on what Congress will do to abate the upcoming Medicare and Physician pay cuts…let’s hope this one makes it through the Senate…veto proof from the House and now up to the Senate..but as noted there’s the 2 other bills floating around addressing the same issues…good commentary and update.  BD  image

Thanks to House Democrats and Republicans for doing the right thing and voting yea on a bill to reverse the Medicare Part B SGR adjustments (cuts) for 18 months. H.R. 6331 was an earlier version of the Baucus bill, which has a 1.1% SGR increase in store for us. The latest iteration of the Senate Baucus bill had a .5% increase. Looks like there was a nice majority, and the hope is that the Senate can get this thing to the President's desk this week. The White House today threatened to veto the whole shebang, though the House bill passed by a veto-proof margin. This White House threat is amazing to me, since Senator Baucus' aide indicated to me two weeks ago that his office had been meeting with counterparts from the White House for months to hammer out the details of the bill. So now, how does the White House start threatening to veto a bill that it helped to shape?

The problem is that the Rangel House bill that got sent to Senate today is different from the most recent Baucus bill that died, and the Grassley bill that's still out there.  With less than a week left to go until the other shoe drops, I wonder how this will ever get resolved on time.

H.R. 6331 passes House today, thanks to Hon. Rangel, D-NY | InteractMD.com


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