Aetna sponsoring a clinical trial, see if cash incentives helps derive compliance with taking medication.  Participants have a one in five chance to win $10….trial goes on for 6 months.  Everybody gets a dollar amount to begin, and then $3.00 is deducted for each day they miss taking medications.  There’s also the potential of involving the “medical image coach” and offer rewards for coaches who have the best results with patients taking their medications.  This ranks right up there as far as the unusual incentives for patient compliancy with taking prescribed medications.  I guess money still talks.  BD

“In order to be entered in the lottery a patient has to report taking their medication. Each patient will be issued a Med-eMonitor device and the patient will need to press the yes button on the device every day to confirm that they are taking their medicine.

There are 50 patients in the lottery group and 50 patients in the control group, who will receive nothing. It wouldn’t have occurred to me that a lottery was the best way to test out the concept, but it makes more sense now that I think of it. In particular, there is an addictive quality to lotteries that may motivate the drug takers to adhere.”

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD


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