Interesting new development as to how do people get paid for “being connected”, especially with hourly positions.  As the article states, doctors are on call all the time, but most folks also use portable devices for personal use too, so how the line is drawn here will be interesting to follow.  BD  image

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Should an employee get paid for reading a BlackBerry at the dinner table, sending an office e-mail or posting a job-related blog at home?  A spat at ABC News over paying writers to check their BlackBerries on their own time recently raised the issue, and such a dispute marks the leading edge of a deluge of unresolved and potentially heated cases to come in the United States, experts say.

“If you don't want to be on call, don't be a doctor, a computer technician, or a reporter," she added.

Workplaces to see more spats over after-hours - Yahoo! News


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