This almost sounds like what is called “Pay for Performance”, something most physicians are very familiar with.  After having spent many years in sales myself, pay for performance is good for rallying performance and giving incentives to those who excel, but in health care, it often leaves many questions unanswered.  Doing your part should come with the territory I would think, but again I could be wrong.  Over the last few years there have been many articles written on the fact that HMOs offered incentives for keeping cost down, and there is some merit to this, but along the way, there should be some balance, or else how far can you go.  BD

The Food and Drug Administration increased bonuses to its employees by 29 percent in the past year, despite earlier objections from lawmakers. The FDA paid $35 million in staff incentives for the year ending April 12, up from $27.1 million a year earlier, according to records posted on the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Web site.

FDA Boosts Bonuses Despite Ongoing Criticism From Hill -


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