Anyone who has been on the Internet for any amount of time knows who he is.  Recently I have talked about how far behind health care is in the government, but Robert was able to find some real technology is every day use, but as mentioned below things are a bit slow in Washington in some areas and he didn’t make it to the FDA (grin).  Some of the areas of concerns that kept coming up are below, but these are just a couple as they relate to technology and education/healthcare. 

Now for the really neat part of some of these interviews, he was capturing some of this with he cell phone and streaming live to the Qik network.  Earlier this year I wanted to explore this at a convention, but simply was not able to get everything together before attending.  Robert of course is a long time Tablet PC Fan and I have followed many of the articles and posts.  When I see where we are today, it’s amazing and I still go back to the video done at Overlake Hospital a few years ago on Channel 9 with Dr. Crounse and where we have come today.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look as it still has a lot of value today.  Continue on for a couple more videos below from Washington. 

“Technology usage has a long way to go in government. I had several conversations with both congressmen and everyday government workers who told me that entire departments were still storing all their data on paper, at great waste. John Culberson told me one of his goals is to get all parts of government data onto computers so that people can watch better where their dollars are being spent.

Several of our interviews mentioned that our education system needs to be rebuilt to make sure our workers are competitive with those from India and China. More scientists and technologists are needed, they told me, and we’re just falling behind other countries here.

Blackberries are used everywhere, though. Many Congressmen showed me that they carried two Blackberries: one for their campaigns and one for government business. Alec Ross told me that Barack Obama has very fast thumbs and is legendary for being able to whip out notes on his Blackberry. (I had to laugh a bit here as Robert made reference to the same video I had on the Medical Quack about McCain not being able to use a computer. BD)”

Now this video done via the Cell phone is great with Representative John Cullberson,  who also uses Qik and it humorous in the fact that he catches a cameraman with his cell phone.  Watch the video and see how the Congressman does it.  Some folks in Congress get it.  The congressman also Twitters too. 

One more video that was of interest was the FCC.  This was extremely informative and imagehas to do with communication, broadband, etc. which affects everything we do.  Great stuff as always and visit his blog and Qik to see more.  BD


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