Last week I posted about a new potential migraine zapper, a medical device in research that could use electronic shocks to kill a migraine.  New research here shows a new method of a nasal injection is proving to be effective as the combination offered is faster according to the study reports than what is on the market currently.

Both items are good news for those who suffer from migraine headaches, and as OptiNose states, they have a focus on working with both devices and the drug delivery process.  More and more there will be choices on whether the device or a drug therapy will be the correct answer.  Personalized medicine is also going to set the stage soon to help with DNA analysis to select the drug therapy that would be best suited, and one other short item worth mentioning, if all drugs were determined not to be a solution for a particular patient, then the device just could come to the rescue in some instances, more choices for physicians and patients on the horizon soon.  BD 

imageOptiNose has announced that it presented important new data  demonstrating the superior performance of its novel nasal drug delivery device with sumatriptan for the treatment of migraines. The Phase II results indicate that the drug-device combination achieves migraine relief as quickly and efficiently as injections without the discomfort, inconvenience and risk of needle-stick injuries. OptiNose presented the data at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society in Boston.

Data On Highly Effective Migraine Treatment Presented By OptiNose


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