Want to go to medical school on the government, well a military scholarship could be the answer, but you need to serve 4 years as an army physician when finished. 

On another matter I was in a round table discussion this weekend and one of the participants from South Africa, who lives here and travels extensively was talking about the opportunities now in China for young US citizens.  He told me he almost started World War 3 when he suggested this to a friend and his son who had just completed medical image school here with this suggestion.  Long and short of the story, the friend’s son visited China and is now ready to pack up and go.  He’s not alone though I was told as there are many who are doing the same, so this is another area where we might stand to lose young physicians just starting out in the US.  According to what  was said, the ones who have jumped at the deal are thus far happy and satisfied with their living conditions as well.  I had no idea this type of movement was going on and I guess you do learn something every day.  BD 

Katie Doyle could have borrowed $200,000 to get through medical school. Instead, when she enters Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., this fall, she won't borrow a dime. Doyle accepted a military scholarship that will pay her tuition, books and other school fees. A monthly stipend will cover living expenses. The scholarship, called the Health Professions Scholarship Program, or HPSP, also comes with a new $20,000 signing bonus.

AMNews: July 7, 2008. Military sweetens the deal to entice medical students ... American Medical News


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