Last week we read about how the US population felt about Congress and HMOs via a poll and this week it’s Big Pharma’s turn.  Of interest in the poll though is the positive ratings on technology.  Perhaps underlying all of this, is technology at the root, in other words is the lack of confidence being driven by corporate US and Congress in their use and non-effective and potentially detrimental uses of technology.  It is a fact that technology touches everything we do today and some have some very good effects, while there are the downsides as well, such as privacy issues and how both can reside together.  At any rate, this week it is big pharma’s turn in the barrel with the lacking vote of confidence.  BD 

The latest Harris Interactive poll that examines American attitudes toward corporate America offers a sobering view of and for the pharmaceutical industry. Only 26 percent of Americans view the industry favorably which, of course, means that 74 percent have a negative impression. That places pharma slightly below big oil, and just above Wall Street and big tobacco.


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