A story on a hospital in the Los Angeles area where no keyboard is required to log on and access patient and hospital information. The campus is equipped to deploy telemedicine capabilities such as lab results, medication profiles, ICU monitoring, etc. and is set up on a wireless network for ease of mobility.  PDAs are used for alerts as well as touch screens and some tablet PCs.  As the title states, no keyboard is required here.  BD 

Mission Community Hospital (MCH) is a non-profit 150-bed acute care (and Psych) full service community hospital in the heart of the San Fernando Valley (home to about 1.7 million residents), Los Angeles, with a 24/7 ED, comprehensive imaging, lab and other services.

The Hospital is totally filmless and the same technology platform is the foundation for all other imaging modalities (such as EKG's) and scanned documents. Physicians can use regular cell phones to be notified of alerts and can walk up to large TouchScreen monitors in the Hospital (or remotely) to access their patients' results and images without having to work on a keyboard.image

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