I have used the product myself on a tablet and it works well.  The nice advantage is that you can write anywhere on the tablet screen without having to worry about being within the inking tip as used on Tablet PCs.  If you have a text dictionary, let’s say already in Word, you can easily import the dictionary into the software.  This makes word recognition a lot more accurate as well.  The solution below will make data input simpler for the emergency medics while transporting patients no doubt and the software from ESO can interface with several hospital solutions.  BD 

ritePen 3.0 Integrated with ESO Pro ePCR Suite to Provide EMS and Fire Personnel with Seamless Data Input into Medical Documents 

image Sunnyvale, Calif., June 24, 2008 – Ritescript®, a division of Evernote® Corporation, and ESO Solutions, Inc. today announced that the two companies have entered into a licensing agreement in which Ritescript’s ritePen® 3.0 handwriting recognition and intelligent desktop navigation software will be integrated with ESO Solutions’ ESO Pro™ ePCR Suite to provide users with seamless text input and workflow control in a mobile environment.

ESO Solutions provides medic-friendly, cost-effective electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) software and billing services for EMS and Fire organizations nationwide. The ESO Pro ePCR Suite is an intuitive, NEMSIS Gold application that helps emergency medical responders capture necessary patient data during emergency visits via pen-based notebook computers. The application also includes a robust quality management module, extensive ad hoc reporting functionality, interface capabilities, validation and tracking tools, and imagemore.

“Our customers demand enhanced input options on mobile devices that support complex and critical workflow during emergency situations,” said John Dadey, president and CEO of ESO Solutions. “Full integration of ritePen with our application, including customization for specific medical data types and workflow control, will significantly boost recognition accuracy and the productivity of emergency response teams using the ESO Pro ePCR Suite.”

Using ESO Pro Mobile on rugged pen-based notebooks in the field allows emergency responders to quickly capture patient vitals, medications, cardiac arrest treatments, imageelectronic signatures, and other critical call data. ritePen 3.0 further enhances their ability to perform mission critical work, delivering easy text entry and medical terminology recognition as well as  workflow control via handwritten shortcuts.

“I have tested the ritePen software with various other applications, and I believe that this is certainly a positive move for ESO,” said Billy Craft, battalion chief for the City of Carrollton Fire Department. “Embedding this technology into the ePCR program is an excellent way to increase functionality of the software by providing an additional method for users to enter data.”

image“This agreement with ESO Solutions demonstrates our commitment to the healthcare market,” said Leonid Kitainik, general manager for Ritescript. “With growing numbers of medical workers relying upon mobile applications, we are excited to partner with a prominent player in EMS patient care to provide intuitive and instant data input via ritePen 3.0 in emergency situations.”

Users of ESO Solutions’ ePCR Suite will have access to Ritescript’s ritePen 3.0 with ESO’s next software release, slated for summer 2008.

About ritePen 3.0

ritePen 3.0 is the newest version of Ritescript’s popular handwriting recognition and intelligent desktop navigation application. New features in ritePen 3.0 include handwritten shortcuts for such common tasks as accessing a favorite Web site, signing a document, or launching an application; easy building and editing of a custom dictionary by typing, pasting or importing words from another document; and broad customization capabilities.

ritePen enables users to transparently write anywhere on the screen or other writing surface in smooth digital ink. Their handwriting is instantly converted into text and placed into any target text-aware application.

About ESO Solutions, Inc.

ESO Solutions provides innovative, NEMSIS Gold ePCR software and billing solutions to emergency services nationwide. ESO's sole mission – to provide EMS and Fire responders with the most clinically sophisticated software and billing services on the market – allows the company to fully focus its resources on developing comprehensive, creative software applications for collecting and reporting patient data and billing information more accurately and efficiently. ESO Solutions' fully-hosted solution results in easy implementation and lower cost of ownership. Its mobile software component, which interfaces with CAD and cardiac monitor devices, allows medics to import valuable data and document calls at the patient's side quickly, easily and completely. For more information, visit www.esosolutions.com.

imageAbout Ritescript

Ritescript, a division of Evernote Corporation, develops and markets advanced digital ink and recognition technologies and software for desktop and mobile users. Our ritePen, riteForm and riteShape software and technologies are pre-installed on pen-enabled devices produced by industry leading hardware manufacturers. Over half a million professionals and consumers are using our software daily. For more information, visit www.ritescript.com.



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