An yet one more way to rank hospitals, and make a dollar at it.  I do wonder how much of this information is actually read.  Most HMO patients don’t have a choice and have to visit the hospital(s) covered under contract, so does this offer much help for these patients?  PPO patients also have a limit to who is in network, although there may be more of a choice here, but again, who has time for all of this when you are sick.  Word of mouth is still very strong.  I wonder how much more money will be spent in the process and what will appear next?  BD 

Now another outfit is offering its own twist — combining many of the kinds of measures other groups use to come up with a Hospital Value Index. The idea is to measure not just quality, but also cost and efficiency to identify the best hospital bang for your buck. Launched today, the new index is the brainchild of Data Advantage, which normally markets information and analysis to hospitals.


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