Propoxyphene is the active ingredient found in Darvocet and also in Darvon.  Experts suggest that ibuprofen is far more effective for treating pain, and yet it remains among the top 25 drugs prescribed and it is highly addictive.  Consumer groups are suing the FDA over the product being allowed to stay on the market.  In the UK, the drug began  phasing out in 2005.  As of now the FDA can’t comment due to the pending litigation.

So will the product stay on the market?  It has been many years ago, but I was once prescribed the medication for pain after surgery and I found I couldn’t take it as well, and imageI did experience the dizzy feelings described here and after 2 pills, it went to the trash can, but everyone is different.   It was something that was definitely not for me, but time will tell and there are many alternatives available on the market for prescription, some of the others can be addictive as well too.  We read the stories about Vicodin and the addiction potential with that drug as well, but it doesn’t appear to have the heavy sedation effects that seem to be associated with Darvon.  BD 

After surgery and a hospital stay, Mrs. Cream, 77, was sent home with a prescription for a pain reliever called Darvocet. Not only did the medicine not control her pain, she found it also made her confused and sleepy.

Research has shown that Darvocet (and its first cousin Darvon) is no more effective than acetaminophen (Tylenol) or aspirin, and perhaps it is no more effective than even a sugar pill. Experts suggest that to treat serious pain, ibuprofen is far more effective than Darvocet.

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