One more device to make it easy for diabetics to check their sugar levels.  This is is very interesting in the fact that it can reside on a keychain.  This can certainly make it a little more convenient to carry, just don’t lose your keys!  With the USB device results are uploaded to a computer and sent to a physician or other software that collects data for reporting.  BD 

The Heart USB-powered Glucometer allows regular monitoring of sugar level without any visits to a doc. A portable little device, the USB-powered Glucometer delivers a bit image more than all the similar electronic devices out in the market. It works quite similar to already available products in that a lancing device takes blood sample, which is placed on to a test strip and inserted into the Glucometer. Then the device gives immediate results on its display. So far this is nothing new. However, where this device promises to score above all others is by incorporating USB connectivity. This essentially means that as soon as the testing is done, one may hook it up to a computer and share the results online (or by printing) with health care pros. And all these features are modeled into a handy heart shaped design that looks excellent. I’m not too sure if this is actually available in the market, looks like a concept, albeit a very promising one indeed.

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