The insurer side of this wanted an appeal without an attorney…right…now give up your legal rights here too? In the software business we call items like this “vapor ware” and with all the changing stipulations and conditions, you just about need an attorney just to figure out what coverage you have, much less a dispute.  It just does not seem to be getting any better and all policies and conditions get more complex as more words and verbiage are added.  It’s getting to be more confusing these days as to the value of health insurance, if you do pay, will it cover and how much, and how my riders have been applied since the writing of the first policy?  As we know as females there is nothing that stops the insurers from charging us more, and they do, so what really is reform, more conditions and coverage restrictions?  It’s time to start over with a new plan as it’s way too complicated for anyone to understand and health insurance is starting to resemble a trip to the craps table for a roll of the dice.  BD 

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 23, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ ----Consumer Watchdog warned today that a new bill to be voted on tomorrow would make it more difficult for patients to recover unpaid medical bills resulting from cancellations of coverage, even when the cancellations were illegal and unwarranted. The legislation and recent settlements with regulators are part of an industry lobbying effort to shield themselves from legal liability under the guise of reform.

Under both the De La Torre bill and health insurer proposals, patients would have to interpret and even try to make complex legal arguments, said Consumer Watchdog. The industry-wide strategy is to promote "reforms" containing complex proposals that favor them in legal proceedings.

CA Legislature's 'Reform' of Health Insurance Cancellations Resembles Insurance Industry's Own Plan; Insurers, Satisfied With Getting a Legal Edge Against Patients, Drop Opposition to the Bill -


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