Intel is on the move today with either investing or purchasing entities to progress the future of technology.  With this acquisition, it further makes the mark that Linux is continuing to evolve in today’s business world.  Linux used to be image viewed as a competitor from the Windows side of things, but now we are seeing more joint efforts in this area.  Microsoft does license Linux Suse too and it’s a matter of everything integrated and working together. 

Last week I had posted about Intel’s interest in Biotech with investing in a company named VisiGen Biotechnologies, who is listed as one of the competitors in the X-Prize competition for genomics research.  You can read more here.  One of the tablet pc companies featured on this site is anticipated to be one of the first companies to release a unit with the Linux based operating system, which by the way, their current units offer the choice of Linux today.  It appears to be a big race for either securing an investment from a large corporation or being able to enlist the help of the Venture Capitalists to bring both products and software to market today.  BD 

Intel has acquired Linux development startup Opened Hand as a part of the chipmaker's Moblin mobile Linux project. Moblin is an open source software stack specifically designed for integration with Intel's Atom processors in Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), netbooks, and embedded systems. The project started last year, prior to Asus' release of its Celeron M-based Eee PC -- which is credited for ushering in the netbook craze.

Intel expects the first devices to be released with Moblin will be MIDs by such companies as Asus, Samsung, Founder and TabletKiosk.

Beta Software News: Intel buys mobile Linux startup


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