So far I have pretty much just seen “fun” use marketed here but why not send out invitations with a “tag” and password protect them so only the imageSecret Service can access and scan with a simple cell phone when guests arrive?  It makes sense to me and this way the officers of the Secret Service can operate independently too and not have to worry about one person missing something?  It makes sense to me.  

If the tag when scanned from the invitation doesn’t match, you don’t get in and the tag could be rescanned at any time again as well.  Here’s a prior post I made on using the tags with healthcare and I have copied most of the prior post here. Gee you can even store the information on the tags on encrypted servers so guest information is secured.  The set up is pretty cool also in the fact that it helps tally the guest count too!  Perhaps the Secret Service could contact RazCode for some help, great technology in the works and it will soon help us use tags to easily update our personal health records.  Below is an example of a statement with a “tag” and all that is needed is a cellphone with the software to scan and see the information displayed.  Put this on the invitations!  BD 

Prior Post Information:

RazCode/Windows Tags – Bar Coding to Add Information to PHRs, EHRs, and More…

Yesterday I posted about Windows Tags being a solution for medical devices, to inventory them and be able to scan a code or tag with a cell phone, as they connect to the web and any recall notices that go to where the tag is placed connects and shows on the screen.  Also, the FDA could keep a copy of all the tags on reference in a data base, as a double check.  You can read more at the link below.


Tracking Medical Device Recalls – Sounds Like A Good Place for a Microsoft Tag Data Base at the FDA

This is the next step forward with using Windows Tags through RazCode to input information with your cell phone.  Sean Nolan was kind enough to point me in their direction today.   They provide a secure gateway so in order to use this service, you need a provider or perhaps an insurance company that is a subscriber to their service.  One this has been established you could get copies of EOBs, images,

etc. that are tagged.  Point the cell phone at the tag, enter your logon and password and get the document and upload to your PHR or EHR.  How many times have you tried to describe to someone how to upload a document on a website, take the phone and shoot. 

You can visit the site and set up a consumer account here.  I was not able to link HealthVault yet but Google Health worked fine.  Again, I have nothing yet to include but wanted to test the waters here.  The real value comes in when you actually have data arriving from a RazCode client.  The services uses CCR format.  BD 

For the general FDA suggestion for just tracking device information and displaying updated notices and/or recalls, the simple Windows Tag solution I think would work the best. 

As a health care consumer, you want access to and control over your health information. Get started today by creating a free basic RAZCode account.


Your RAZCode account will allow you to easily and securely upload your health information to your choice of online personal health record  whenever a participating health care provider or payer provides you with a RAZCode image or ID code. Typically RAZCodes are included on receipts, labels, account summaries, explanation of benefit statements, and other health related documents.

WASHINGTON -- The head of the Secret Service accepted full responsibility Thursday for last week's security breach at President Barack Obama's first state dinner, but he said that the president and Vice President Joe Biden were never in danger from a party-crashing couple who shook hands and posed for pictures with them.

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan told the House Homeland Security Committee that his agents were at fault for allowing uninvited Washington socialites Tareq and Michaele Salahi into a lavish state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Sullivan told the committee that three uniformed agents had been put on administrative leave in the wake of the incident.

Secret Service chief takes responsibility for state dinner security breach - Politics AP -


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