Teva is probably one of the most interesting pharmaceutical companies out there as they are pretty much generic with the exception of some of their own research products.  Recently in the news the company quit manufacturing propofol here in the US so now our supply comes from Europe.

Teva gets FDA Approval for Breast Cancer Drug Arimidex – First US FDA Approved Generic

Merck and Teva have had some long ongoing court battles over making generics from some of their name brands and in some cases with the pressure to get more generics on the market it may have just been timing to land some of the cases in court where patents and intellectual property are in dispute.  BD 

Teva Pharmaceutical Has Approval to Begin Marketing Generics for 2 Merck Hypertension Drugs – Hyzaar and Cozaar

They even tried to get generic Viagra out on the market sooner too. 

Pfizer Suing Teva To Block Generic Version of Viagra Until 2019 Instead of 2012 Expiration Date – Viva Teva

This is a big change for Buehler after 40 years in government work and no doubt he will be contributing in the sometimes confusing world of generic biologics.  Teva is one of the largest and aggressive generic drugs companies.  Back in March the FDA lost one of their top Medical Device Regulators to Microsoft. image

FDA Medical-Device Regulator Leaves to Take Position at Microsoft Health Solutions Group – Director of Regulations and Policy

Dr. Tillman came under fire last year in an FDA report about the agency's approval of a knee-surgery device called Menaflex, made by ReGen Biologics Inc. of New Jersey.  BD

Longtime head of the generic drug division at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is going to work for the world's largest generic-drug maker, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Gary Buehler will become vice president for regulatory strategic operations at Teva, the company said.

In March, Mr. Buehler was nudged out of his leadership post at the FDA's generic office into another role at the agency.

The generic office has been criticized by Congress and some pharmaceutical companies because of a backlog of some 2,000 drug approvals, which means applications take an average of about two years to process.

Teva Hires Former FDA Senior Official -


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