This is a nice presentation on government and technology and what is being done, they need coders to build as the last administration didn’t take this seriously or did not understand the meaning.  The government needs a militia of coders to work to make the government better. 

Software and applications = a group of algorithms

The Sunlight Foundation is mentioned with all their contributions.  We have data and need to make it available.  This is the innovation we need and of course coordinated with private efforts too as there will always be a need for both.  I like the one slide in the image below going back to Kennedy too in 1961 so even way back we had folks with some foresight.  Do you still not believe that algorithms are not one of the key factors today driving all decision making?  If not, think again as everything has a system. The government and their groups are soliciting for those Algo Men and Women to come forward and innovate as there’s a real needs and in order to work with private industry we need this so we can communicate at every level.  

It’s not Superman, Spiderman or even Wonder Woman that creates solutions and become our heroes, it’s the “Algo Men” with all the data, algorithms and wisdom for innovation.  BD 


Government as a Platform
We’re moving from the Social Web to the Civic Web. IT and geeks matter. What we can do with open data and the internet is very important. If government is a platform, we need people to create apps and others to open up data sets.”-Laurel Ruma, Gov 2.0 Evangelist, O’Reilly Media

In Coders We Trust: Laurel Ruma breaks down Gov 2.0 at Ignite NYC | Gov 2.0


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