A while back I wrote about the ability to get paid for emails with Office Ally and e-visits and now it looks like the latest offering here allows for all their software to be free of charge once you become a Medical Billing client and the patient gets a personal imagehealth record with little or no effort on their part.  Over the years as a consultant I have helped several office connect to their free clearinghouse services which is still the core business before expanding the last few years. 

There has been quite a bit of chatter on the web recently about how many doctors do email with their patients and gee might as well get paid for it if you spend the time, right? This portion of their software is free and works with Patient Ally, their PHR. 

Office Ally EHR Web Based Software A Simple and Easy Format And Opportunity to Get Paid for E-Visits


I do a little medical billing and I use their Practice Mate software as it was the choice of the doctors, and with adding their billing services to the program, I am thinking too that a subscriber could log on to Practice Mate an pull a number of reports as they will be posting all collects, etc. to their own software so no waiting for phone calls or faxes if one wanted to pull up any kind of available report at any time.  The blog article also states that they are the first to offer a full complement of revenue cycle management.  Earlier this year I remember reading too where they were one of the vendors to guarantee meaningful use compliance too, so this sounds like a very cost effective, minimal layout of cash solution as imagemany offices are already paying for a billing service so it seems that one shift and/or change opens up the door to all the free web based software, to include the EHR which is inexpensive anyway at $29.95 a month if you don’t use the billing service. 

Now I have used the eligibility checker myself with billing and this convenient by all means as carriers and contract change so much today.  The part about handling appeals with the billing looks good too and if you have had any experience in that area of red tape, it can take up a lot of time, that one I know. 

I am going to have to go back and work with my Patient Ally record and with doing this blog I have a few PHRs floating around out there as I like to try to keep current so I can add real information about how they work here.  The records are stored on Office Ally servers and that makes me feel good as it is one area I focus on here and tell everybody to ask that question as things on the web are not always as they seem and I want to know where they are stored and who has access, and more importantly keep the patient in control of this by far. 

This looks to be a very economical way to transition without spending a lot of imagemoney up front and again the patient gets the PHR and the potential for getting paid for e-visits is not bad either.  If I’m not mistaken perhaps this leaves a bit more stimulus money for the doctors too?  BD 

A few weeks ago we announced our new medical billing services availability.  Its easy to get started and one item to think about is if you are already using a billing service you could switch and get our 24/7 EHR to include e-prescribing for free.  We understand that many offices may have some longtime associations with services that have been used for years; however now might be the time to take a look and see what consolidation may have to offer. 

One of the advantages a practice would see with our billing services is the use of our billing/schedule software, Practice Mate.  At any time various reports can be pulled and read to see the status of one account or one of the many other reports available, perhaps those accounts over 90 days past due for a simple example. 

Office Ally becomes the only organization in the country to offer providers a full complement of revenue cycle management services including a patient portal, electronic health records, a practice management system, a clearinghouse and now the billing service.



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