With all the talk of being sanitary today, I happened to run across this on the web today and when it comes to getting rid of one more hassle and a germ collector, well here’s the latest to bring your cat into the fold.  If you don’t like watching cats poop, then the video may not be for you.  Perhaps dogs will be next, although there is a way to disposed of their gift too with the Power Loo.

PowerLoo Flushable Dog Toilet from Green Dog – Keep Bacteria and Parasites from Contaminating Ground Water

You can also spy on your dog too, so they haven not been left out of home monitoring either <grin>. BD

Spy on Your Dog – Home Monitoring Devices for those Guys Too

Kitty Pot
The Litter Kwitter system is a toilet training system that ensures your cat (sorry, nothing for pups yet) no longer needs a smelly, unhygienic litter box. Claiming to train your pet in 8 weeks or less, it comes with a DVD and what looks like varying shapes and sizes of toilet seats. Also available is the MultiKatKit, which helps you train more than one cat at a time.

Pet Potty-Trainers - The Litter Kwitter System Teaches Your Cat to Use a Human Toilet (VIDEO)


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