This is interesting as the article states that in 4years they plan to have the first room set up and operational in Europe so it makes you wonder what else will happen in 4 years, in other words will this design by that time perhaps be portable?  This is just imagespeculation on my part obviously, but at the rapid rate things are changing today, do some of the new announced technologies get redone even before they get out there and this one seems like it could maybe be a case for that theory. 

I’m sure it’s on the mind of the companies manufacturing devices today too and sometimes too the smaller the systems become, the more affordable they are too.  BD 

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A smaller, more efficient and cost-effective Proton Therapy system from IBA Particle Therapy will soon be available for cancer treatment centers. This single-room system is roughly one-third the size of the current gantry configuration and offers a smaller cyclotron, a shorter proton-beam route from the cyclotron to the treatment room, and a more compact gantry.

“Proteus ONE extends the range of possibilities IBA systems offer to the health community, reducing the cost of Particle Therapy”

Premiering for the first time at the 52nd annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology held in San Diego, Proteus ONE will be a more affordable option for many cancer centers. IBA’s latest innovation offers a considerably smaller treatment room that will help reduce costs substantially, minimize the space and shorten the installation time required to build a Proton Therapy center. In addition, the Proteus ONE offers integrated 3-D Cone Beam CT imaging that rotates around a patient, capturing detailed tumor images. image

The Proteus ONE is an even smaller, more affordable Proton Therapy treatment room for cancer patients than the Proteus Nano®, a two-room treatment solution introduced by IBA Particle Therapy in the fall of 2009. A significant advantage to the Proteus ONE development is its ability to leverage existing, proven IBA technology, including the Pencil Beam Scanning proton delivery method and advanced treatment control system.

“Proteus ONE extends the range of possibilities IBA systems offer to the health community, reducing the cost of Particle Therapy,” said IBA Founder Yves Jongen. “While Proteus® 235 remains the most advanced and adaptable Proton Therapy system on the market, Proteus ONE will allow more patients to benefit from IBA technology.”

IBA engineers and designers have spent more than a year devising Proteus ONE.

The first treatment room is scheduled to open at a planned Proton Therapy center in Europe in less than four years.

IBA Introduces Proteus ONE™*, a Smaller, More Cost-Effective Proton Therapy System | Business Wire


  1. I would not hold my breath waiting for a portable proton therapy machine, the reason is that these machines produce a lot of radiation (neutrons) for which shielding using several meters of concrete is necessary. What you see in the picture is only a small part of the machine.


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