This is realistic as you can’t assume everyone is on the same level as you are if you are well read in health insurance and the jargon that goes along with all of it.  Spend a little time in the real world with real doctors and real patients and this becomes crystal clear.

Health Insurance Lingo Is Getting So Complicated ISI Announces Translation/Dictionary Services–Say What?

I would have a very good guess that we have members of government and Congress that don’t understand all of this either as we somehow get back to the old dated paradigm of “its for those guys over there”.  The US reeks of this today.  When you stop and think of it this is probably why the GOP is doing so well with contributions too.  No brain surgeon required here to understand this portion in the news every day.  Until those folks get some “Algo Men” around it will continue I think. The government wants us to be up to date and educated but gee how about those GOP folks that can’t even remove personal information from a pdf document, see link below for more information on that topic.

“Magpie Healthcare” is another one I use frequently too, those who just repeat what someone else says but offer little or no knowledge of their own as they come back around to number one, being a “nonparticipant”.

Another phrase I include quite frequently is “its for those guys over there” and everyone can relate to that with the feeling we get today with those out of touch with “general consumer digital IT literacy” and we stand back and watch and listen to those who “think” they know what is best for us.  They really don’t know as they are “nonparticipants” and live in values and the rhetoric of what made times in the70s work.  All of these 3 hit on that big time and entertain us in the process, why, because it’s the truth, and whether it is Congress or a CEO, this stuff sticks out like a sore thumb today and can’t be buried under the carpet.

Health Insurers Sending Big Dollars to the GOP–The Folks Who Largely Lack General Consumer Digital Literacy And Health IT Literacy As Relates to the Power of Algorithmic Formulas

While we are at it with these grants lets throw in a little digital consumer literacy education too as to use the current day health insurance rules/laws, you need this too as it’s not just buzz any more, it’s those algorithms that all need to comprehend.

Cheap Soap Opera Political Antics Again With Newt Gingrich Suggesting to Force Kathleen Sebelius out of HHS And Other Extra Ordinary Tales of Non Participating Illiterates

We need everyone at least at basic levels and that includes getting some real role models out there as all these efforts if not coordinated properly are just going to really hack everybody off and then we are back to square one.  No role models out there, just more of “this is good for you” and “its for those guys over there”.  It was nice to see Nancy Pelosi at Microsoft visiting this week and I hope she picked up some good information and knowledge while there as that’s one of the key places to do it. 

HHS National Plan to Improve Health Literacy – Not Going To Happen Until We Focus on Using Technology (The Tool for Literacy) Which Includes Role Models at HHS And Other Places in Government

In essence what we need is a smarter government to control and lock down some of these algorithms used by insurance companies that create profits, the most expensive side of healthcare and where million are being made and others suffer to get the care they need. 

I think the American public is slowly coming to terms with this is how the money was made over the last number of years with machine gun technology going up against us with swords and dagger technology and the real truths are beginning to be shown.  Education is a good thing and on the side of government to to admit and embrace technology and what it has done in terms of reality and not just kick down consumers for their illiteracy.  BD 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today announced new Consumer Assistance Grants program awards of nearly $30 million to help states and territories put patients in charge of their health care.  These grants will support states’ efforts to establish or strengthen consumer assistance programs that provide direct services to consumers with questions or concerns regarding their health insurance.

“The Affordable Care Act’s Patient’s Bill of Rights gives people important benefits and ends the worst insurance company abuses,” said Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.  “These grants will help ensure consumers’ rights are protected, and they are another way the new law is putting patients, not insurance companies, in charge of their health care.”

These new grants will allow states, who are in some cases partnering with local non-profits, to help strengthen and enhance ongoing efforts in the states and local communities to protect consumers from some of the worst insurance industry practices.  Altogether, 35 states, four territories and the District of Columbia applied for and will receive grant awards.

New Affordable Care Act grants to help put patients in control of their health care


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