If you have not been to the site, it s worth looking at and there’s one item in common that patients will have that is the same with doctors using medical records – too many clicks to drill down to the information, but imageover all it’s better than what was out there before with running analytics and giving some basic information.  In essence I get to be that MD talking as a consumer about “click wars” that they all complain about and with good reason, with adding and editing information so this complexity that doctors have complained about has rolled over to consumers so we can see if we have any more patience than what the doctors have had with software <grin>.

Healthcare.Gov Site Opens To Assist Consumers in Finding Health Insurance – Video and Preview

I don’t really know with the huge amount of information available too if there really is a simpler way to do this as each click creates and queries a selected amount of information, kind of like how all software and algorithms work so have patience I guess and get used to “click wars” out there as they don’t appear to be going anywhere soon. 


There are some nice areas here to where you can make your selections. 


Upon my selection of Health Plans for Individuals and Families I came to this page and I’m trying to show everyone what to expect. It’s not the fault of the page but rather the website and about here I lost interest.  I have auto fill in my browser and being that I used to write software I maybe have a little different focus and again decided this was too much work and I’m so tired of having to do nothing but work for information today with filling in form information.  Again, this is my own personal opinion and all these algorithms get repetitive and I wonder too how the average consumer views this?  I don’t blame the government here as they are trying to bring a complicated set of health insurance algorithms under one portal to help out being I have written a fair share of algorithms in my time. 


I wanted to see those denial rates but this is far as I care to go with all of this today as I know there’s tons of them out there as I write about it all the time and I’m bored and tired of “click wars” to help me make decisions today. 

Again I provide a link on this blog to the site and it is useful and has a lot of information and consumers should look, but the “click war” effort won out today for me with reaching my level of intolerance and consumer complexity.  Maybe I might come back another time and “click” around some more as I didn’t get to see any denial rates without doing a ton of work here.  BD 

WASHINGTON – The Department of Health and Human Services on Friday launched online information designed to make health plans' denial rates available to the public.

The information is an update to the federal Web site HealthCare.gov, which already provides health plan pricing information.

"Today, we begin to change that dynamic, and give more control to people instead of insurance companies," HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote Friday in a blog.

HHS publishes insurance company denial rate information | Healthcare Finance News


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