You have to be 50 or over to really appreciate this as the Ouija Board had it own little cult thing years ago and we all probably at some point in time played around with it and were amazed at what we saw, it was for “talking to those on the other side”. 


Well this is in jest, but I view of the some of the obscure marketing I see today in healthcare is someone going to market this for the next tool for a surgeon or doctor to help with the grief of losing a loved one?  Perhaps there are some new algorithms available for Wall Street and health insurers they have missed with this Ouija Board software on the Ipads since they are frantically looking for any new type of predictive analytics they can get their hands on <grin>.

Just think, healthcare claims having to pass the Ouija Boart Test, and it just might be just as crappy or good as we are seeing today!  The Ouija Board on an IPad doesn’t have the same flair we all knew years ago though and you do need to be a baby boomer to appreciate this post. 

Why Is Almost Everyone In Healthcare Marketing Their “Ass” Off

In short, this is my little poke at some of the ridiculous marketing we see today where it’s anything to make a buck <grin>.  More at the apps store about this little jewel can be found here.  From what I see in the news today though with those clinging to the 70s and the stands being made, gee, maybe some of our politicians are using a Ouija board, you think? 

They all seem to be stuck there and are pretty much “non participants” when it comes to general consumer IT literacy”, so maybe I have solved some of this strange insanity we are seeing today as perhaps they are all dragging out their old Ouija Boards to communicate with the dead from the 70s,  as it it would be too far fetched to think that they would use an app, as they are the recognized and sometimes even touted non participants as we see in the news every day <grin>.  BD

call it “spirit of the glass”, “Spirit of the coin”, depending on which item you use, should we call Ouija on the iPad,  ”Spirit of the iPad?”, will it also translate thoughts from the dead? Developers claim that there inst any AI to do that yet, however they think that it could be a great idea and fun

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