American Solutions for Winning the Future is his fundraising group that creates image[6]money for Newt.  It will cost you $5000 if you are a doctor to get an invite and an award from Newt Gingrich.  It is funny in the video that they use the a handwriting computer font. 

I said back in July he has no knowledge of algorithmic formulas and was kind of blowing smoke this confirms it I think. One more good reason to know about those algorithms as ignorance could cost you a donation you may really not want to give.

Newt Gingrich Gets Healthcare Value Bass Ackwards–It’s All About Those Algorithms

His target this year is physicians and Rachel Maddow did a good job on pointing this out in addition to the article in the Huffington Post so if you are a doctor and get one of these you will be familiar with what it is, as Rachel states it’s a scam, no set of knives.  BD 


  1. I got that invite! The scam even promises a free meal. I never got to the point where $5000 was requested, but the letter was enticing, making one feel important with the personal handwriting.

    Newt is not only a con-artist, but he's a jerk. In the EMR world he is also scamming HIMSS by his support, getting heavy lobbying money which buys him an occasional key speakership roll in the yearly HIMSS bashes. Unfortunately, that eventually affects doctors by giving the EHR industry a backing from the Republican party too.


  2. He is a modern day snake oil salesman. He is a serial adulter. He is a liar and hippo crit.

    That in itself makes him perfect for the current republican candidate.


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