The joint venture with Tenet was announced in May of 2009.   imageYou can also read more on the Med3000 website here with their activities with Tenet.  This involved a medical records system as well as practice management software and below is a short quote on how they are successfully managing physicians, I wonder who writes some of this stuff at times.  InteGreat PM & EHR  are the products named.  Not too long ago too Tenet has announced that some facilities would be using Cerner in the near future too. 

Through our joint venture with MED3OOO, we continue to successfully manage the physicians we employ.  But even more importantly, we now have a platform to provide independent imagephysicians support on improving the cost and quality of care delivery.  Although we are just getting started, our efforts, especially InteGreat EHR, have been very positive for Tenet and our physicians.” Continued Dr. Newman.”

Tenet Announces Joint Venture with MED3OOO – Focus on Electronic Medical Records and Business Intelligence

Tenet Healthcare Corporation (NYSE: THC) today announced the creation of MED3OOO Practice Resources, LLC, a joint venture between MED3OOO, Inc. and a subsidiary of Tenet, which is a 20 percent minority owner. Founded in 1995, MED3OOO, Inc. is a national leader in providing advanced healthcare management and technology to physicians and physician networks.” 

It looks as if Insurance solutions is both a consultant and a company that sells insurance, so this is an interesting acquisition as we have insurance and consulting coming together under one entity and watch for more of this type of action and there has been plenty of it already. 


Perhaps through their work and research the consultants at Insurance Solutions do they have some new algorithms for analytics and use with medical data? 

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, MED3OOO announced that it has acquired Insurance Solutions Group, Inc., an insurance consulting and brokerage firm based in Wexford, PA. Carl Smollinger, President, and Tom Dean, Vice President of Insurance Solutions Group, will join MED3OOO. Mr. Smollinger will serve as a Senior Vice President over MED3OOO’s managed care operations and will remain as President of MED3OOO’s Insurance Solutions Group subsidiary. Mr. Dean will continue his role as Vice President of Insurance Solutions Group, Inc.

MED3OOO Announces Acquisition of Insurance Solutions Group | Business Wire


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